Our Purpose

A while ago I had to study “Ode on A Grecian Urn” by John Keats in my English lesson. After a long analysis, we came to the simple conclusion that the poet is trying to convey the message that things are beautiful because they are temporary, and this message inspired me to write this post.

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Current Favourite Bands and Artists

I’d like to say my music taste is quite varied- in fact, I’d probably go as far as saying that I like every song except for the ones I really don’t like, if that makes sense. There are a number of bands and artists that I have only just got into fairly recently, which led me to curate this list in hope of sharing them with you.  Hopefully you will find something you like in this post- in my opinion, they’re all great (but then again, I could be biased).

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12 Hours in Paris

When you think of the places you can travel to by train within 2 hours, the options don’t seem all that interesting. One destination however definitely stands out from the rest and that is Paris, “La Ville Lumière”. When I first realised how quickly you could find yourself in the French capital, I was amazed at the lack of people who have visited the iconic city. The idea of aimlessly roaming the grey English streets at midday and somehow ending up losing yourself in the intricate gardens of Versailles by 3pm almost seems too good to be true, but can be achieved at ease by a quick hop on the Eurostar. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, catching a relatively quick ferry from Dover to Calais is also popular (particularly with a car), although the extra 3 hours of driving would have to be taken into account.

Even if the time and effort of the journey were to be multiplied, you can’t put a price tag on the sheer magnificence of the city. Every corner gives way to a new charm, from the lofty landmarks which tower into the sky to the chilling catacombs located deep underground; even if you’re only there for a day, the city gives scope for plenty of exploration.

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US Gun Laws

On the 12th of June 2016, a 29 year old man entered the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, armed with 2 rifles. What followed was the deadliest mass shooting by an individual in history, and the worst incident of violence against LGBT people in the US. The shooter was Omar Mateen, a security guard who had legally purchased the weapons a few days previously. The idea of parading around with a gun without implications seems almost unbelievable in this country, so why is it that any US citizen over the age of 18 is simply able to waltz down the street and purchase a firearm in less than 10 minutes?

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