Current Favourite Bands and Artists

I’d like to say my music taste is quite varied- in fact, I’d probably go as far as saying that I like every song except for the ones I really don’t like, if that makes sense. There are a number of bands and artists that I have only just got into fairly recently, which led me to curate this list in hope of sharing them with you.  Hopefully you will find something you like in this post- in my opinion, they’re all great (but then again, I could be biased).

Hippo Campus

I think it’s safe to say that this is the band I’ve been listening to the most at the moment. Whilst scrolling through YouTube, this band popped up in my recommendations. To be completely truthful, the name of the band was the main reason I clicked on the song- it was fairly unusual and I wanted to know what style of music a band with this kind of name would produce. If you’re into “kinda pop” as their Facebook bio describes, you’ll definitely love them.

Favourite songs: “Buttercup” “Vines” and “Way it Goes”


In contrast to “Hippo Campus”, this guy is a lot more popular. Almost everyone with a radio would have heard his single “Electric Love”, a song with lyrics as dreamy as its sound. Despite the description of his songs as dreamy, this definitely doesn’t equate to dull- a lot of them have really catchy beats which I’ve discovered are especially great for walking to.

Favourite songs: “Past Lives” “10,000 Emerald Pools” and “Holy Ghost”

Sundara Karma

This band can definitely be described as one which those cool indie teens™ listen to, but that doesn’t make them any less great. Previously compared to the likes of Arcade Fire and U2, their sound is definitely unique and will no doubt leave you wanting more.

Favourite songs: “Loveblood” “A Young Understanding” and “She Said”

The 1975

On the topic of those cool indie teens it wouldn’t make sense to go on without mentioning The 1975. Not only is their music addictive, but their artistic style as a whole is really creative and brings something fresh to the music scene. I love the way they use lights in their live shows in a way that no other bands do, with each set symbolising a different song and mood. In addition, the whole aesthetic of their albums allows them to divide their music into separate artistic “eras” with the final instalment of their trilogy arriving next year.

Favourite songs: “The Ballad of Me and My Brain”, “Sex” and “If I Believe You”


If you’re looking for something different, “Gorillaz” will 100% satisfy you. Not only are they the most successful (and one of the only) animated bands, but their music varies strikingly in genre from song to song, meaning that they definitely offer something for everyone. This is helped massively by the huge amount of collaborations in each album- more than I’ve seen by any other band I’ve come across. In addition, this band (unlike some of the others I’ve mentioned) caters for a much wider age range- there’s no doubt that some of the songs will be more popular within a younger audience, with frequent rap verses and collaborations with popular hip hop artists, but the voice and presence of Damon Albarn will no doubt resonate with those older Blur fans as well.

Favourite songs: “On Melancholy Hill” “Punk” and “Rhinestone Eyes”


Originally from Dublin, Ireland, these 4 men are likely to be recognised as “that band whose songs are always on Gogglebox”. This is a band I like to listen in a calmer, quieter moment, and sometimes when I’m feeling sad. In fact, I would recommend their music as something good for falling asleep to- it definitely has that kind of vibe. I don’t tend to listen to slower songs that often, but when I do this is always the band I turn to.

Favourite songs: “All My Friends” (LCD Soundsystem cover), “All I want” and “High Hopes”

Catfish and the Bottlemen

Another band popular amongst people my age, I have let to find a song of their’s that I dislike. A lot of their music reminds me of Oasis but with a modern twist. I’d heard a lot of their songs previously, but I’d only really got around to listening to them recently. I really love their snappy upbeat sound, as well as their simpler tracks which really allow the unique tones of the frontman (Van McCann) to come through.

Favourite songs: “Rango” “Hourglass” and “Homesick”


To round off this list, I had to finish with a band that I have been listening to a lot longer, along with just about every other person. This is another group that I’d heard for a while (courtesy of my parents) but only really listened to a bit later on. It’s pointless trying to describe Oasis as no doubt you’ll know it all already, so I’ll skip right ahead to my favourite songs.

Favourite Songs: “Cast No Shadow”, “Champagne Supernova” and “Half the Word Away”.

So there you have it, these are the artists I’ve been into lately. If you have any other recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments below 😊


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