The Power of the Mind

Many people see the mind and the body as two completely separate things. But what they don’t realise is the power you can give yourself the moment you step back and look at your own thought patterns and the effects they are having.

Over time, there has been a breakaway in the way the body is viewed. Whilst in the past it was solely seen as a physical anatomical structure, it is now understood as a more complex process- a flow of energy and information which is taking place every second of every day. As you read this, your body is transforming and exchanging its atoms and molecules, meaning that it is not the same body you had a few minutes ago. It has around 50 trillion cells that perform every function (digestion, breathing, movement, protecting you from disease etc.) While you may think that these cells act out of their own accord, your mind actually has the power to control them.

Studies have shown that thoughts of gratitude are linked to better sleeping, so if you have trouble with insomnia, reflect on the things you are grateful for before going to bed. Although it sounds like a myth, scientists have also found that imagining yourself working out can actually build muscle mass-  one particular study has proved that people who use mental imagery techniques to exercise their brain were able to gain 24% extra muscle strength. What’s more, positive thoughts (particularly optimism) can lead to a longer lifespan and reduce risks of age related diseases, and laughing has been proved to reduce the likelihood of heart problems.

So how can you achieve these positive thoughts and gain the ideal outlook? The key is to train your brain and build mental strength. Every time you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, find a way to transform them into positive ones. Smiling or laughing even if you have no reason to can automatically change your mood and relieve stress, as both release endorphins and reduce levels of bad hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine. Surrounding yourself with positive people is also important. If you find that the people around you tend to be negative, work out how you can help them and give them a hand- whilst boosting their positivity, it can also build your own. If you feel like these techniques are too demanding, try to start off small. Start by making your goal so simple that you can’t say no, and build on it gradually as time progresses.

So why not take a few minutes out of your day to reflect the way you view situations and if you can improve them. Not only can it make your feel happier on the inside, but your physical health can also be empowered.



4 thoughts on “The Power of the Mind

  1. whiskandrove says:

    Yes! I love this post. I think talking about gratitude should be encouraged more often. Eckhart Tolle has been a good resource for me to learn more about the power of positivity! I’m sure you’ve heard by now(:

    Liked by 1 person

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